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Stay connected to the most holy of places and keep Jerusalem next to your heart with Jerusalem Rocks. Our jewelry is hand crafted by Israeli designers in the heartland of the country. Each piece is masterfully designed with passion and skill, ensuring that customers will love their unique piece of jewelry for years to come.

A visit to the Holy Land is a special and unique experience.

So too is the chance to have a piece of the Holy Land to cherish and enjoy at all times, in your daily life.

Jerusalem Rocks provides this experience to each buyer every time that a necklace, a pair of earrings or another item is purchased.

And if you are lucky enough to find your way to the Holy Land, keep us in mind for a unique workshop experience. Our workshops enable participants to hand pick their own pendant and stone and to make a beautiful necklace out of their selection. Earrings can be added as well to complete the set. We work with each participant, designing the beautiful pieces of jewelry. We will come to your hotel or other location to create the workshop that will last for approximately one hour.

Enjoy your piece of Jerusalem today whether you order it online or create it yourself in Israel. And cherish it forever.

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